Terms and Conditions

  1. Conditions

a. By registering for the 20th Gender and Education Association Conference (Event) you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Charles Sturt University may change these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will only apply to registrations made after such changes.


b. The terms and conditions marked with an asterisk “*” do not apply to recipients of a bursary or recipients of a complimentary ticket.

  1. Event Booking and Ticket Purchase

a. Payment for tickets for the Event must be made online via the TryBooking website.  Ticket prices will include GST and any booking, handling, credit card surcharge or postage fees as applicable. Charles Sturt University may change ticket prices at any time which will be displayed on the TryBooking website however any ticket already purchased by you will be unaffected by the price change (if any).*


b. Your booking is confirmed when you receive an email notification and receipt from TryBooking. We will maintain a list of confirmed and paid up attendees for the Event, and you may gain entrance to the Event by presenting identification, your email receipt or your electronic ticket.

  1. Refunds and transfers

a. You may request a cancellation of your ticket – all cancellation requests which clearly indicate a booking reference must be made in writing to Charles Sturt University at GEA2024@csu.edu.au.


b. You can request refunds up to 30 days before the Event start date however refunds will be made at the sole discretion of Charles Sturt University.*


c. Charles Sturt University may charge you a fee for the replacement of tickets which are lost or stolen but is under no obligation to replace such tickets.


d. You must not, without the prior written consent of Charles Sturt University, resell or offer for sale any tickets purchased at a premium to their purchase price. If a ticket is sold or used in a breach of this condition, the ticket may be cancelled without a refund and the holder of the ticket may be refused admission to the Event.


e. Substituting names will be accepted provided it is completed via the TryBooking website or emailed to GEA2024@csu.edu.au 10 days prior to the Event.* Registration is valid for the named attendee only.

  1. Event Cancellation or Postponement

a. If the Event is cancelled or postponed, Charles Sturt University will provide a full refund of the ticket price but excluding any booking, handling, credit card surcharge or postage fees.*


b. Charles Sturt University will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of a cancellation or postponement by sending an email to all ticket holders and putting a notice on our website; however it is your responsibility to ascertain whether the Event has been cancelled or postponed. We do not guarantee that ticket holders will be informed of a cancellation or postponement before the date of the Event.


c. Charles Sturt University reserves the right to change the program of the Event at any time.

  1. No shows or cancellations

a. Charles Sturt University is not liable for any losses incurred by you if you do not attend the Event, including any travel and accommodation expenses.

  1. COVID-19 conditions of entry

a. Please be aware that the Event may be scheduled to be held, or will be held, during a time at which one or more Government directions or regulations or Charles Sturt University directions may be in force which may affect the number of persons attending events or the holding of events. If that is the case, then Charles Sturt University may:

      • cancel or postpone the Event;
      • change the location at which the Event is to be held; and/or
      • change the manner in which the Event is delivered (for example, live-streamed).

b. Charles Sturt University will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of a cancellation or postponement by sending an email to all ticket holders and putting a notice on our website in which case you may elect to either hold onto your ticket (in the event of postponement) or otherwise cancel your registration.


c. If you attend a live event, it is a condition of entry that you comply with all applicable Government directions, orders, and regulations and Charles Sturt University directions relevant to attending events.


d. If at the time of the Event, you are feeling unwell or are subject to a self-quarantine or self-isolation period, you should not attend the Event.  If you do attend the Event, you agree to assume all risks associated with COVID-19.

  1. Event Conduct

a. You are expected to behave in a professional, respectful and appropriate manner at the Event.


b. Charles Sturt University reserves the right to prohibit entry of any person to the Event or eject any person from the Event based on behaviour deemed inappropriate by Charles Sturt University staff and/or its agents and others working under its authority, including security personnel.

  1. Live Streaming and Photography during the event

a. Videotaping, filming (including audio), or still photographs will be taken during this Event for use in Charles Sturt University advertising, media publicity, publications, web displays, live streaming, or any other Charles Sturt University purpose.


b. By entering this event, you consent to Charles Sturt University videotaping, filming (including audio), or photographing you and using your image and likeness for such purposes without any payment made to you.


c. If you have any queries or do not wish Charles Sturt University to use your image, please contact: GEA2024@csu.edu.au

  1. Privacy Collection Statement

a. The personal information that you provide when registering for the Event will be used by Charles Sturt University to manage and administer all aspects of your participation in the Event including to communicate with you about the Event and inform you of Charles Sturt University news and events. You may unsubscribe from further Charles Sturt University news and events by emailing GEA2024@csu.edu.au. For the same purpose, we may provide this information to the Event’s organiser. Charles Sturt University will take photos and videos of the Event to be used in media about the Event, make social media posts, and may be published on our webpages. We will not disclose personal information about you to anybody else unless you have provided your consent, or we are authorised or required to do so by law.


b. Please see the University’s Privacy Management Plan for more information about how we handle your personal information, how you can request to access or correct the personal information that we hold about you, and who to contact if you have a privacy enquiry or complaint.

  1. Limitation of Liability

a. To the extent permitted by law, Charles Sturt University excludes all conditions and warranties relating to your purchase of tickets for and attendance at the Event.


b. Other than as set out below, where our liability cannot be excluded, such as in relation to Consumer Guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law, our liability for breach is limited to the face value of the ticket purchased by you, plus any booking, handling, credit card surcharge or postage fees.


c. Except for any liability that cannot by law be excluded or in the case of Charles Sturt University negligence or gross misconduct, Charles Sturt University (including its officers, employees and agents) is not responsible for and excludes all liability, for any personal injury; or any loss or damage (including loss of opportunity); whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way out of or in connection with the Event.

  1. Disclaimer

a. Charles Sturt University makes no warranty, express or implied, that any information, materials, techniques or products or anything else presented at the Event is accurate, valid, adequate or fit for any purpose whatsoever. You are solely responsible for determining the validity, adequacy and fitness of any information, materials or products or anything else presented at this Event for any and all uses.


b. The views, opinions and statements made at the Event are solely of those of the speakers and may not reflect the views of Charles Sturt University.